Boat Strom Call 3 Review – Awesome for you!

Boat Strom Call 3 Review: A new calling smart watch from the popular electronic brand Board has been launched in the market named Boat Strom Call 3. The smart watch is an upgraded variant of the previously launched Boat Strom Call and Boat Strom Call 2. Overall A series is very popular in the Smartwatch market. And this smart watch has just been launched with a very good price range, so you should check out this smart watch once.

Boat Strom Call 3 Review

If you want to buy Boat Strom Call 3 smartwatch, then perhaps it can become a good option for you because it has all the facilities which are available in a normal smart watch. There are some such features which you are really getting in this smart watch.

Boat Strom Call 3 Specifications

Talking about the specifications, it comes with a 1.83 inch LCD display which is an HD display with a resolution of 240×296 pixels. Has been represented and brightness of 550 nits is also seen. With IP67 waterproof and dust proof rating. More than 700 activities modes can be seen in it. Smart watch is available in total 5 different colors.

Not only this, more than 900 watch faces are available in it. To control or access all these features, you will have to download the Crest+ OS app linked to the smart watch. Not only this, you can customize your watch face and create it yourself. This smart watch comes with unique features like calling feature is also available, that is, if you want, you can make calls from your smart watch or you can also talk by receiving them.

There is an option to do it through 5 QR codes, which you can use later, that is, you can receive the payment anywhere or you can save any different type of tax code so that you can save your time. But that tax code can be found.

Boat Strom Call 3 Reviews

Talking about some unique features, you get turn by turn navigation features which helps in your navigation using Map My India. Talking about this, this smart watch gives accurate information so that you do not need to carry your smartphone with you. To access it, you must have it. After doing this, you can set it from your smartphone. Your destination will keep telling you at all times and which route to take.

There are many features present in it, out of which Boat Coin is also a great feature. Through these features, you can get things like free redeem code, gift voucher. For that, you are given a daily task in this app of Bot, after completing the pass, you are given some coins every day. There is also a friend invitation option through which you can compete with your friends.

Talking about the straps of the watch, it is quite smooth and gives an overall premium feel. This smart watch is going to provide standby backup of up to 7 days without calling. If you make calls, it gives backup of up to 2 days. By the way, this smart watch requires just one hour to charge. You get charging cable etc. inside the box and apart from that, you also get 1 year warranty.

Boat Strom Call 3 Price in India

The smart watch is now available on Flipkart with a launch price of Rs 1588. Well, if you take the offer then you will get it for ₹ 1099. If you are really thinking of buying a smart watch, then this can be a great option for you because overall the experience of people of this series of smart watches has been very good if we talk about the previous version.

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